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There are many moving parts to an effective brand strategy. At Brand Motif, we’ve found managing all of these elements helps ensure that the final results are what we visualized and that they truly come to life. To this end, we don’t just design a logo, we create a brand. We don’t just make a plan, we execute it. And we don’t just talk, we deliver results that go beyond your expectations. Journey through some of our work and just think about what we could do for your company.


The Company

Stretch 22 is a nonconforming fitness lounge with multiple locations. They focus on health and wellness by starting at the foundation of muscle stretching to loosen, lengthen and open the body while expanding the mind. Their techniques release fascia, open joints and improve range of motion, resulting in better mental clarity, improved energy levels and increased physical performance.

The Challenge

Stretching as a concept is understood among most active adults. However, the idea of a studio dedicated to this, and the full benefits of the techniques and technology, was far from familiar. The owners of Stretch 22 had an idea, but the initial agency they were working with wasn’t able to bring a solution to tell their story in the right way. In a single meeting, by asking some key questions, we were able to understand their idea and the owners knew Brand Motif was a better match.

Our Approach + Solutions

We first set out to understand the concept of Stretch 22 which enabled us to connect the various benefits of stretching, their technology, and the importance of the 22 number—the angle runners want to maintain in a race. We could see a picture of what was needed to communicate the value of Stretch 22. We worked with the owners to develop a brand strategy and guideline that included the environmental design of the studios, so the experience was immersive and the same across locations. In addition, there were key branding needs including a strong logo mark, brand new website, digital marketing and general collateral. The end result is a clear and consistent experience from start to finish and a cutting-edge brand that reflects their product. They have had a fast pace growth in just one year to in all 4 locations due to the innovative concepts in combination to with a clear brand identity, strategy, website and digital marketing integration.

Brandmotif Services

Brand Strategy + Logo Mark Design + Brand Guideline + Website Design + Environmental Design and Inplementation + Marketing Material + Collateral + Digital Marketing Integration.


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